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8. What video / film format will we shoot with?
No jokes here. We can shoot any format from digital tape, to film to HDTV. It all depends on your budget. We could probably create a pretty effective shadow puppet presentation given ample time and a good flashlight.

9. What about recording sound for this video production?
Really no jokes this time. We think good audio is perhaps more important than good pictures. Have you ever seen a poorly dubbed foreign film? It’s unwatchable. We spend a lot of time and effort recording the best audio on set as we can, then in post-production we focus on the sound design.

10. What release formats do we need?
Is this going to be on the web? Is it a leave behind during sales calls or will it be screened in large auditoriums. All of these choices impact the budget. We can delivery whatever you need, even VHS which Variety recently declared a “dead” medium. (Sorry, Dad.) Most frequently we create a broadcast quality digital video or Hi-Definition master and DVD copies.

11. Do we need voice-over narration?
Usually promotional and marketing films have a voice-over person. It can be the voice of God- like James Earl Jones, or someone you select from within your organization. Again, our 20+ active years in the Chicago Film & Video community allow us to present the best talent options for you to choose from.

12. What sort of on-screen graphics can the production have?
Again we can do anything. Putting someone’s name on the screen to accompany their on-camera interview is relatively easy to do and included in our basic editing rates. However, if you want moving graphics, specialized fonts and the whole George Lucas, “Whiz Bang” (not the technical term) we will work with you to come up with something you like on a budget you can afford.

13. We have a lot of old photos and video we would like to use. Can you do that?
Sure. Though it is our experience that “a lot” is never enough, and the image quality might be fine for the family holiday letter (sorry again, Dad) it might not be up to your most important client’s taste. Let us look at it and see what we can do.

14. What do we do with unused elements from this video production?
Keep it in a safe place and start your own library. No kidding! You would be surprised how often we can use archived footage five or more years after the original production. We often make DVD copies of all the footage we shoot for your archives.

15. How long should it be?
The question we get asked most often (after “Are you sure we can’t get Brad and Angelina?”) Our stock answer is “It should be as long as it is good.” For the Internet this probably means five or fewer minutes. Our goal is to leave the audience wanting to see it again. If that is the first response, your production has been a success.

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