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Chicago Film Video Production and Post Production Company


PLAY: International Carwash Association’s 50th Anniversary Video

International Carwash Association 50th Anniversary video

In terms of miles traveled and fast turn around this film, which screened for 5,000 people in Las Vegas for the ICA’s 50th Anniversary in 2005, wins top prize. Windy Cine Productions shot in Chicago, Detroit, Boston, San Francisco, Fresno, San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Phoenix over 10 days. Two days after returning to the editing room we delivered a cut to the client. They were thrilled and we were thrilled. It also allowed us to immortalize the phrase, “Let's see, if today is Friday it must be San Diego...”

PLAY: ASUG - America’s SAP User’s Group Conference Video
America's SAP User's Group Conference video

This film was an exercise in editing and motion graphics. While video taping interviews in Phoenix, Chicago and Philadelphia was relatively easy, this film really came together in the editing room. Using the latest versions of Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects, Windy Cine was charged with matching the visual style of ASUG’s already printed marketing materials. “The Devil is in the details,” someone once said and that was the case with this film. Please notice the graphics and details such as the spinning circles.

PLAY: Wiss Janney Elstner - Solutions for the Built World Video

Wiss Janney Elstner "Solutions for the BUilt World"

"Solutions" is a prime example of our corporate video production work. Using the production style we call "Infomentary", we created a marketing and promotional video for WJE - an architectural and engineering firm based in Northbrook, IL. WJE uses this film as a recruiting tool for new hires, new business pitches and on their website. Windy Cine Productions did all of the production from concept through finish; including writing, shooting and editing. We broke the film into case studies, each highlighting a different part of WJE's core business. We filmed on location in St. Louis,MO, Lincoln, NE, Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL.

PLAY: MyNurse 24/7 Infomercial (segment)
MyNurse 24/7 infomercial (segment)

MyNurse 24/7 is a 30-minute television infomercial broadcast nationally during the winter of 2006. Combining narrative film production (storytelling) with video taped studio segments and documentary style footage, Windy Cine Productions wrote the script, held extensive casting sessions, and produced the finished half-hour. MyNurse is a 24-hour medical hotline, staffed by registered nurses. We filmed six stories and inter-viewed several nurses. In a multi-camera studio shoot we filmed MyNurse 24/7 founder and CEO Deb Leon.

PLAY: Vacant Property Security Marketing Video

Vacant Property Security marketing video

Another example of our “Infomentary” approach. VPS makes high-tech security systems for vacant and abandoned buildings. We wanted to create a film which held the viewer’s interest even if they were not in the market for a security system. We intercut our interviews with footage of the VPS system going from the warehouse to installation. This corporate video was filmed in Philadelphia, Camden, Baltimore, Washington D.C and Chicago. VPS used the film to enter previously closed markets. Subsequently, we created French and German language versions for VPS.

PLAY: Rainbow Soup - Children’s Television Program (segment)

Rainbow Soup - Children’s Television Program

Filmed on location in London, Seattle and Chicago, Rainbow Soup is a television program about art and world culture for kids and their parents. This episode features performances and conversation by Peter Gabriel, Studs Terkel and Academy Award nominee Stephen Frears. Using Sony DSR-300 and Sony Beta SP cameras, Rainbow Soup combined digital and standard video tape formats. It was edited in the Windy Cine Productions editing suite in Lake Forest, IL. Visit the site:

PLAY: Chase House - Helping Children and Families In Need

Chase House - Helping Children and Families in Need video

In 1999 after years of working exclusively with 35mm or 16mm film, we were awarded our first digital video production. Shooting with a Sony DSR 300 camera, but using classic film production techniques, we created this fund-raising and marketing film for the Chase House. Chase House is a Chicago area organization providing services to inner-city families. Since funds were limited our goal was to create a film with a long shelf life. Recently we screened it for a perspective new client and were pleased to see how well the film holds up.

PLAY: Metraflex - MetraLoop Case Studies Marketing Video

Metraflex - MetraLoop Case Studies Marketing Video

Metraflex is one of Windy Cine Productions most loyal clients. Every 5 years we return to LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY to update a film we first shot in 1996. The film shown here is used as a promotional and marketing tool by Metraflex. Windy Cine traveled across the U.S. interviewing architects, engineers and contractors who attested to versatility of the MetraLoop. As life-long baseball fans it was a thrill for us to shoot at Safeco Field, home to the Seattle Mariners. We had total access to the stadium and field and on our cue they would open or close the retractable roof, making us feel as if we could control the weather.

PLAY: SmithBucklin Spirit Award Video

SmithBucklin Spirit Award Video

SmithBucklin is the industry leader in the association management business and has been a client of ours for many years. In 2006 they were given a Spirit Award by an association management group. We created this video to be screened at the award dinner. Filmed on location in Chicago and Washington D.C. This is another example of intensive graphics and post-production work. While we filmed interviews over three days, post-production took two weeks.

PLAY: SITE - Internal Promotional Video

Site - Society of Incentive Travel Executives Video

Nothing is better for two filmmakers from Chicago than a week in Miami in December. Site (Society of Incentive Travel Executives) used this video to attract attention to their member benefits, and as part of their membership drive. We shot all over Miami, the Everglades and the Doral Golf Course. This trip helped Peter overcome his fear of alligators.